Decoded: The MasterClass

Insights from the New-York Times Best Selling Book on HOW BIG DATA CAN HELP YOU build better cultures, makE faster decisions and creatE awesome teams. 

About the MasterClass:

Delving deeper into the content of her book and keynote speech, Rahaf will lead a Decoded MasterClass that will further explore the methods behind getting to know your talent better than you know your customers. She will outline tangible and strategic ways for HR & L&D professionals to decode the real story embedded in the data trail that follows our people and every project they work on and attendees will be provided with an overview of the Decoded Company and shown how transformational companies are customising their data today. Rather than treating your people as interchangeable resources, you’ll learn how to apply a combination of self-reported and ambient data to develop a “sixth sense” about your people

Participants will gain a SUCCINCT understanding of how to:

  • Customise a data-driven culture in the organisation
  • Apply real time insights into training and development
  •  Increase agility and speed with evidenced-based decision making
  • Apply a combination of self-reported and ambient data
  • Transform technology into a coach

Benefits of attending

  • Predict problems before they occur and achieve workforce happiness
  • Gain a competitive advantage over companies using outdated management tools
  • Maximise the potential of data in the organisation
  • Drive talent engagement through analytics
  • Motivate talent to increase performance and satisfaction





Decoded wins Axiom Business Award!

Decoded MasterClass World Tour 2015

Masterclass Curriculum : The modules


Half or full day interactive session

Global & cross-industry examples

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