On Amazon, the productivity category has 39,260 books that are  designed to help us work better and faster so that we can “worry less” and “achieve more.” Apple has over 3,500 apps and a category focused specifically on productivity. In the rush to boost performance, we have become over-worked, over-scheduled and overwhelmed. And is “productivity” a worthwhile goal, or is it getting us nowhere? Are we so focused on process that we've lost sight of the product? To further complicate matters, the global economy continues to shift. Being productive is a valued trait, but one that now competes with being creative as well. In today’s unpredictable economic climate, we battle the mounting pressure to come up with endless ideas to maintain our competitiveness. We must be constantly creative and constantly productive. 

We have forgotten how to float. 

And thus the conundrum: as creative professionals, we have come to believe that we can be highly productive and highly creative in equal measures at the same time. We come to work armed with to-do lists, life-hacks and inbox-zero mentalities. We are trained to respond at a moment’s notice, manage competing priorities and rapidly jump from task to task. We focus on attaining maximum efficiency while trying to generate creative solutions with the same rigor as completing our tasks. And when it doesn’t work as planned we force ourselves to push through, to work longer and harder to chase down the ideas that seem to elude us. 

We have evolved into an unsustainable hybrid state, trying to do both and be both at once, when that might not be effective—or possible. Instead, we need to recognize that these two elements are fundamentally connected in an ecosystem that acts like a delicate balance between inspiration and execution. We call this ecosystem the Hustle and Float. 

For too long, creativity and productivity have been considered essential but unconnected. Thousands of books have been written about each of these concepts separately. In fact, nearly every business book out there tackles achievement and performance through one of these two lenses. Hustle and Float is an exploration of the increasing tensions between productivity and creativity within our personal and professional lives.

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*Hustle Desktop Images by various artists and available for free download via DesignLoveFest

For too long, creativity and productivity have been considered essential but unconnected.