We take inspiration seriously.

when speaking at events all over the world, our goal is to Provoke and pique curiosity as we share Research, ideas and thought leadership that connect technology and culture. 


An engaging and passionate speaker, Rahaf has shared her unique perspective on technology and innovation since 2006 with audiences worldwide. As an expert story-teller, she excels at making trends and research easy to understand and delivers presentations that are entertaining, informative and funny.  She focuses on how emerging technologies are impacting business, education and government. She also talks about innovation within specific industries and the impact of disruptive business models on organizations, institutions and individuals. Rahaf can also create a custom-tailored presentation or workshop specifically for your organization or event.

Rahaf is also represented by Speakers Associates in Europe info@speakersassociates.com, and The Lavin Agency elsewhere info@thelavinagency.com

Some Examples of Keynotes: 

  • Not So Big Data: Why Evidence Based Leadership is Everyone’s Responsibility
  • Disruptive Innovation
  • The Future of Work
  • The Future of Marketing & Communications
  • Digital Trends Impacting Business
  • Micro-Entrepreneurs & The Rise of the Individual
  • Digital Diplomacy and the New World Order
  • Entrepreneurship, Micro-influence and the future of protest
  • Engaged Citizens and Digital Activism
  • The New Digital Organization


While much of Riwa's speaking has happened in the boardrooms of Fortune 500 companies globally, her deep understanding of C-suite challenges combined with her keen eye to identify and articulate cultural shifts has helped her craft engaging and concise narratives for audiences across industries. From her years leading Growth Strategy at a global foresight and innovation firm, she speaks about the challenges and secrets to successful innovation within large organizations, and draws on her experience helping clients prepare for the future to bring foresight research to life elegantly. Her current research at Red Thread is focused on New Intimacy as it relates to emerging technology, as well as the Future of Communities in both fixed and transient spaces.  Riwa has run countless workshops and Design Thinking courses globally, and can customize a session to suit any sized audience. 

Some Examples of Keynotes: 

  • Design Thinking: A Primer
  • Organizing for Innovation
  • Millennials and Emerging Food Culture in America 
  • The Future of Wealth Management 
  • Intimacy & Retail Banking
  • Creativity & Fringe Culture 




upcoming events


The Decoded Company,Richmond Events, (May 14, Guernsey, UK)

Future of Finance,Financial Leadership Summit (May 20, Amsterdam)


Creativity & Fringe Culture,Imagination Factory (May 19, Copenhagen)

Intimacy & Retail Banking  Banking Innovators 2015 (June 29, London)